Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brendan's starting to read

Connor started teaching Brendan how to read tonight. It was so cute, and he had success. Enjoy!

My 3 beauties!

The successful reader and his teacher

Monday, August 30, 2010

Brendan as goalie

Brendan played goalie in our summer hockey league tonight. He's been waiting all summer for this! He had a great time and did wonderfully. He even caught one in his glove. I was so proud!

Maren and Brendan after the game.

Brendan making a save.

Brendan during warm-up

Maren and Brendan posing before the game

Maren posing before the game

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Connor's Yellowstone Trip

Connor went on his 3rd elderhostel intergenerational trip with Grandma Ellyn this July. They went kayaking and horseback riding. They got to see Old Faithful erupt 3 times. He had a blast. He really wants to go to Costa Rica next. Grandma says start saving your money. We'll see if Maren goes next year in place of or as well. There's a trip for her to Chincoteague Island where the wild ponies are. Thanks Grandma!

Connor and GE ready to go horseback riding

Connor with his horse, Lucy

Connor kayaking in Yellowstone Lake

On the way back

Ready to go

Brendan's 6th Birthday Fun

Brendan had a birthday party with 4 of his closest friends. The activities entailed mostly a slip-n-slide, but also had a water gun fight, general boy play, airplane building/flying, cupcakes and present opening. He also had another 2 cakes for the family get together. Then we went to Carnival Thrillz for rock climbing, arcade, mini golf, etc., but it was closed. Brendan was devastated, but we did get to do the rock climbing and went to Hell Burgers for dinner. We were able to hit the mini golf place at Barker's Island later as a substitute. I can't believe my baby's 6 years old! And kindergarten starts September 10th. Yikes!

Brendan and Drew with Yu-gi-oh cards

Presents from Nicholas
(bow & arrow, lite up wheel and silly bands)

Yu-gi-oh cards and football

Headlamp for early fishing

Street hockey stick from Kaden

Nerf gun from mom and dad

Cupcakes in the shape of a six (homemade!)

Kaden, Brendan and Makoto sunbathing.
Well water is freezing!

Maren enjoying the slip-n-slide

Makoto, Brendan, Maren, Kaden, Drew and Nicholas

Brendan, Makoto and Maren

Brendan with his 2 family cakes

More Texas August 2010

We're home! We had a great time! We always start planning the trip for next year before we leave. Is that weird? We went on the dolphin watch/nature tour which we do every year. The kids love it. Enjoy the pics!

Dolphin in the bay

These dolphins are waiting for an easy catch.

Bret and Connor on the boat

Connor and Maren on the boat

Maren looking for dolphins

Maren being beautiful

Maren being silly

Maren loving her dad

Maren holding a squid

Maren with a fish

Brendan double fisting it

Uncle Josh with his sea trout
and Brendan and Maren
sharing the glory

Maren posing with her dad's sand dolphin

Bret throwing his cast net at day break

Connor with a whiting at day break

Brendan and Maren on the national seashore

The two being silly

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Texas August 2010

We are having a great time in Texas. No storms this year, the weather's been beautiful--hot but slight wind and cooler water temps (and the pool) help fool you into thinking that's it's really not bad. Bret usually gets up early (about 4:45a) every day to go fishing. The kids and I have gotten up early with him 3-4 times to go to the National Seashore. The kids have been great and we've caught several fish (whiting, redfish, sea trout, hard head catfish, gaftop catfish, and skipjacks). We're having a fried fish feast tonight with the keeper whiting, redfish and sea trout. Connor, Bret and I have caught redfish, Bret's caught the trout and we all caught a keeper whiting except Brendan. We go home on Tuesday, which we're sad about, but also ready to go. I miss my house and dog. It's been below 50 in Duluth since we've been gone, so that will be an adjustment. Enjoy the pictures below from my sister-in-law, Bridget. I've forgotten my camera connection cord to the computer, so I'll post my pics once we get home.

Bailey, my niece, and Maren
with their first sandcastle masterpiece

Me with my youngest niece (to date) Darby.
Both of sister-in-laws are expecting,
Jenny is due 8/21 and Bridget is due 11/4.

Nolan, my only nephew, and
Connor coming back in from the surf

Two of the handsome men
in my life

Connor with his "mini" fish
caught on the pier in Port Aransas

Nolan and Brendan fishing from the pier

The girls with another masterpiece

Brendan tackling Connor while Nolan
looks on and Josh (Bret's brother)
grabs Darby

Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally, interior photos!

Great room timbers looking
into the kitchen

Great room fireplace


Front entry

Dining room

Great room from kitchen


Powder room

Master bedroom

Brendan and Sadie looking into
the back yard from the master BR

Brendan in master bath

Upper stairway landing looking
into loft

Connor's bedroom

Boys shared bathroom

Brendan's bedroom

Maren's bedroom

Maren's bathroom

Media room (downstairs)

From media room into rec room

Wet bar with media room to the right

From wet bar into rec room